Current Members

Get to know the members of Turnpike Community Theatre.

Glenda Barlow

Glenda joined Turnpike in 2015 alongside her daughter Jess who was starring as Beauty in Beauty & the Beast. Glenda was a very helpful member to have back stage but in the summer of 2015, we managed to convince her to audition for the pantomime and she made her stage debut as the Queen in ‘Puss in Boots.’ This year she is returning to the stage to perform in 'Cinderella.'

Jessica Barlow

Jessica joined Turnpike in early 2015 to star in Beauty & the Beast as the delightful ‘Beauty.’ She has a vast amount of experience as she has been performing on stage since she was 4 years old! Jessica enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Her favourite memory of being on stage was performing as Cosette in Les Miserables with St Philips Junior Workshop.

Mark Bassett

Mark’s career with Turnpike started many moons ago when he was a member of the Junior group. Since then, Mark has gone on to perform in numerous productions over the years, going on to study drama at college and also performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Mark is an enthusiastic member and has had numerous roles within the group, including being the group’s Secretary. Mark is still a dedicated Turnpiker and is on our Committee.<

Alan Boardman

Since joining Turnpike, Alan has been involved in a large number of productions and he has also been responsible for leading the junior section in the recent years. Alan has also performed with a number of groups in the area and enjoys visiting the theatre whenever possible.

Carole Boardman

Carole is no stranger to the stage and has been involved in Turnpike productions year after year. Carole initially joined Turnpike to help out with Front of House but soon ended up on stage. Since then she has been the group’s first choice for a wide range of roles including the lovable Cow in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Ashley Cassidy

Ashley joined Turnpike in the summer of 2016 after auditioning for Cinderella.

Gill David

Since Turnpike’s formation in 1984, Gill has worked behind the scenes developing the group and guiding it through some difficult times, making Turnpike the group that it is today. Gill also helps to steer the arts throughout the Wigan borough as the Chairperson of the Arts Exchange and Interim Chair of the Leisure and Culture Partnership.

In 2010, she was awarded the Yorkshire Bank’s Spirit of Community Award but more recently in 2012, Gill’s work was acknowledged by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Birthday Honours and was awarded the British Empire Medal for voluntary services to the arts of Wigan. Gill does her work selflessly and without the desire for any praise. Turnpike is very grateful for everything she does and the way she manages to keep everyone on track. Gill is truly deserving of her award and everyone at Turnpike is so very proud of her achievement.

Denise Fairclough

Denise first came to Turnpike with her daughters, Sarah and Brittany but it wasn't before long when she made her stage debut in our pantomime of Aladdin in 2014. Denise has also helped out back stage and front of house during many other perforances. This year she decided to get back on stage and will be performing in our Christmas pantomime of 'Cinderella' alongside her daughter, Sarah and sister, Jeanette (who is making her stage debut).

Grace Gentle

Grace joined Turnpike in 2016 and was delighted to be cast the role of the Earthworm in the summer production of 'James & the Giant Peach.' Grace is no stranger to the stage and has performed with dance groups. She continues to perform in dance shows alongside her theatrics with Turnpike.

Neil G

As a Turnpike member since 1996, Neil has performed in a number of productions and has directed the group since 2002. Since joining Neil has been involved both on and off the stage with Junior and Adult Turnpike. Neil is currently the Vice Chair for Turnpike and in involved in promoting active participation in the arts throughout the borough as the Vice Chair of Wigan’s Art Exchange. In the past he has also travelled to Angers in France (Wigan and Leigh’s twin town) to develop the links between different art organisations on both sides of the English Channel.

Lucie Greds

Lucie has been a member of Turnpike since the summer of 1997. She has been involved in a large number of performances and has also appeared in England’s first school production of Les Miserables. She has also appeared in the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival. Lucie is now a dedicated Committee Member and in 2014 was elected to be the Treasurer.

Ellie Gunning

Ellie joined Turnpike in 2015 to perform in Beauty & the Beast. She was thrilled to be cast the role of 'Princess Alice' in our 2015 pantomime of 'Puss in Boots' and Aunt Sponge in our 2016 summer production. Ellie enjoys acting because it is like ‘real life magic’ and you can be whatever you want to be. Ellie is no stranger to the stage and has previously had main roles in her school productions.

Lindsey Gunning

Lindsey joined the group in 2015 alongside her daughter Ellie in Beauty & the Beast. Lindsey was a very helpful member to have back stage and in the summer we convinced her to audition for our Christmas pantomime. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Lindsey was not able to take to the stage for the pantomime but is looking forward to taking on the role of 'Miss Spider ' in our summer production! Lindsey was over the moon to be elected onto the Committee in 2016 and we are looking forward to her input in the future of Turnpike.

James Massey

James joined the cast of Turnpike for ‘Marsh Fever’ in 2009 when he came to help with his musical skills. Since then he has been involved in the senior and junior sections of the group where his skills have gone from strength to strength through each production he has performed in.

Sarah Masters

Sarah joined Turnpike in 2011 and has since become a strong and committed member of the group. She has been involved and performed with local dance and drama groups for many years. She also performed in the 2002 Commonwealth Games Festival at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. Since joining Turnpike Sarah has become in charge of marketing and social media for the group. She is also Turnpike’s very own Videographer and joint Photographer with Mark. Sarah has become an all-round member of the group and has enjoyed acting on stage as well as being the Assistant Director and Producer to some of our shows. In 2016 Sarah commenced her role as the PR and Marketing Office for the group.

Sophie Mitchell

Sophie joined Turnpike in the summer of 2016 to perform in her very first production with the group of Cinderella. Sophie is however no stranger to the stage and has been performing with local groups since a very young age. Sophie has also been involved in the entertainment industry for some time and could recently be seen performing on cruise ships around the world. In 2017, Sophie became a member of the Committee and is now Turnpike’s Secretary

Adele Payne

Adele originally started her Turnpike journey as a Junior member and joined the Adult group in 2011 as she was cast in ‘Cinderella’ as a chorus role. Since joining the cast she has grown in confidence and has taken on the role of the ‘White Doormouse’ in our 2012 production of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Adele’s more famous however, for her role as a ‘tree’ when she walked off half way through the scene! Luckily for us, the audience presumed it was part of the magical forest and didn’t really notice a tree had grown two feet and walked off! Adele has recently been elected onto the Committee.

Richard Pilkington

Richard, known amongst Turnpike as ‘Dicky,’ has been a new addition to Turnpike originally joining to assist backstage and with set making. He is a great asset to the group with his set construction and props management. In true Turnpike style we even managed to get him onstage in 2012 as the ‘Dame’ in our Christmas production of Jack and the Beanstalk. He even surprised himself when he loved performing onstage as it was a lot less nerve-racking than making sure everything backstage and on the set was right!

Kimberley Slack

Since joining Turnpike as a junior member, she has performed numerous times for Turnpike and other theatre groups. Kim took on the role of the ‘White Rabbit’ in 2012’s production of Alice in Wonderland which proved very challenging as she had to learn the art of puppetry. She has also done some professional work and appeared on TV soap, Hollyoaks. More recently, Kim has started at Wigan & Leigh College doing media make up and is now Turnpike’s resident Make Up Artist!

Sue Slack

Sue is no stranger to the stage having performed from an early age in her local theatre group. She joined Turnpike back in 2003 and has performed in numerous productions. She has often found herself taking on the role of a baddie in many Christmas pantomimes. Although she plays these roles so well she is very different when not acting. Sue in an all-rounder and has co-directed as well as helped out as a light and sound technician with her husband, Steve.

Deborah Urmston

Deborah joined Turnpike in the summer of 2016 after joining the cast for her first production of Cinderella. She will make making her stage debut at Christmas as the ‘Wicked Stepmother’.

Jeanette West

Jeanette has been coming to watch Turnpike productions since 2011 when her niece, Sarah became involved with the group. Since then she has helped to fundraise for Turnpike and this year she decided to take a more active role. In the summer of 2016 Jeanette joined her sister Denise and nieces Sarah as part of the cast and crew of Cinderella. We even managed to convince her to make her stage debut!


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The group is open to all adults over the age of 16, whatever your ability.

Children from 14 years + are also able to join with a supervising adult attending all rehearsals.

There is a cost of £25.00 per production to join the group.

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