James and the Giant Peach 2016

”James and the giant peach was fab. Lots of fun, engaging and the perfect length for children. My daughter aged 7 said she loved it!""

“Well Done to everyone involved in this wonderful production of James and the giant peach every character was well portrayed and really well acted for me to see James sing a song as a centipede was brilliant."

“I truly think that the Turnpike Community Theatre group are a wonderful part of the local community, and it seems that you have a strong bond and team ethic which radiates through in every performance you give – not just from the cast but across the board."

“Had a great family night out, thanks - we were really impressed with your fab use of props and costume to tell the story.”

“Saw last night's opening performance of James and the Giant Peach at the Turnpike Gallery and thoroughly enjoyed it. The performances, the set & the costumes all combined to bring the magical story to life before our eyes. Congratulations to Neil the director, the cast and crew for putting on a great evening's entertainment. If I were free I'd go again!"

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Puss in Boots 2015

”Had a great evening watching your fab Panto, seeing the children's faces, booing the baddie and cheering the goodies .... Priceless! Well done to all involved

”Fantastic night big thank you to all the cast for a great nights entertainment.”

”Been to watch Puss in boots tonight... another brilliant performance, the kids loved it. Already looking forward to next years!!”

”Had a lovely evening tonight -there were eighteen of us in all and everyone from the toddlers to the 'more mature' members of our family thoroughly enjoyed the show. We can't wait for the next show. Well done to you all and thank you for a lovely family night out.”

”'Puss in Boots' was fantastic!!! Great value for money and really funny 5 stars!”

Beauty & the Beast 2015

”Came last night and wow.. loved every minute… brilliant once again.”

”Been to watch Beauty and the Beast tonight had a brill night really enjoyed it well done to you all.”

”Brilliant performance. All the actors were fantastic. Can’t wait for the next one!”

”Fantastic performance my daughter loved it… defo coming to the next one.”

”Great show. Well done to everyone involved.”

”Wonderful! We’re all looking forward to the next one. Thank you all. ”

”Was an amazing show.”

”The set looked fantastic!”

”There was so much to commend about this production, with strong performances from all of the small cast, but for me the most striking aspect of this particular production was the resourcefulness of the director, the choreographer, utilising the reduced number of cast members, and using the space imaginatively as always, to construct a thoroughly entertaining, multi-faceted performance.”

”Turnpike Community Theatre group seems to be a lovely organisation where the cast look after and support each other, utilising the strengths and talents on offer.”

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Aladdin 2014

"Very enjoyable and entertaining evening"

"A superb performance"

"The actor was immersed in his role completely and his facial expressions and body language helped to convey the hilarious nature of this character, a facade he maintained admirably throughout. "

"The set design was varied, colourful and slickly alternated. I particularly liked the excellent magic carpet scene. My little boy was convinced that you had actually made it fly!"

"Community theatre is a wonderful entity, and it is admirable how the different ages, levels of experience, confidences and personalities in your talented cast are all nurtured and utilised to their best effect."

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Turnpike Tales 2014

"Took my two grandchildren to see Turnpike Tales tonight. They said it was awesome - five stars!"

"A wonderful family production"

”We really enjoyed the work of the individual cast members, who all gave their ail and were convincing in performance, and displayed versatility in their multiple roles.”

”Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”

"The story had elements of comedy, even pantomime at times, and yet there was a wonderful tenderness to the tale, as the love story between Red and Hick was portrayed over the decades."

"Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you again for Aladdin!"

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Mother Goose 2013

"Took my granddaughter to see Mother Goose last night and I must say I have never seen her laugh and enjoy herself as much. All of the cast were outstanding it was an excellent performance. Will definitely be taking her to one of your performances again and would highly recommend this to anyone of any age "Well Done" - five stars!"

"Mother Goose pulled the worst and most cringe-worthy jokes out of the bag to ensure plenty of laughs. The quips and jokes were sometimes laugh out loud hilarious, more usually laugh out loud terrible, but that is all part of the fun of panto!"

"The Community Theatre members did not disappoint!"

"Fun, colourful and a little bit naughty, with enough to keep both the kids and adults amused, the Turnpike Community Theatre’s production was everything a good panto should be."

"It was “egg-straordinary” entertainment for the festive season."

"The musical interludes were a real highspot this year – with some of the best choreography I've seen so far from the Turnpike; the actors delivered both traditional and modern songs with great gusto and evident enjoyment."

"Dame Mother Goose’s rendition of “It’s Raining Men” was upbeat, lively and quite hilarious! Top of my present wish list for Christmas 2013, is a light up, see through umbrella!"

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