Thursday 31st January 2013

Unfortunately, tonight's workshop on improvisation was cancelled when the session leader was unable to attend. Instead we improvised ourselves and had a Turnpike team building session.

Thursday 24th January 2013

Character building is something we all seem to take for granted but tonight, Martin Green reminded us just how important it can be.

Martin led the very useful workshop tonight for the Turnpikers and we all really appreciated his efforts. Martin provided us with worksheets which can be applied to any production and will assist us in really understanding the character we are playing.

We think this is definitely something we will be using in future productions to ensure we get the most out of our cast!

Thursday 17th January 2013

Tonight saw the first of our 12 performance based workshops which was run by Colin Kilbride on ëvoice projection.

We can all be guilty of not projecting our voice during a performance and we need to make sure our audience can hear every word otherwise, we run the risk of losing their attention.

This workshop helped everyone appreciate the skill of voice projection, but mainly our shier members of the group.


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The group is open to all adults over the age of 16, whatever your ability.

Children from 14 years + are also able to join with a supervising adult attending all rehearsals.

There is a cost of £25.00 per production to join the group.

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