Thursday 4th April 2013

As our final Artistic Leigh workshop tonight, Andrew Blake took the reigns and led a session on Improvisation.

The Turnpikers were thrilled to have Andrew back for their final workshop and it definitively lived up to all of our expectations.

Andrew ensured the Turnpikers went out of their comfort zones and pushed them to make sure they got the most out of the workshop. One key thing we all need to remember from the workshop is with improvisation, we always need to say yes and go with whatever weird and wacky story the improvisation provides.

We are sorry to see the end of the 12 performance based workshops. We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session, which has helped all of us develop as actors and backstage members.

Thursday 28th March 2013

Tonight's workshop of accents was daunting at first for our Turnpikers. We were all very enthusiastic to learn new skills and Colin Kilbride ensured we all reached our potential.

Colin wanted us lose our inhibitions and realise that with a bit of practice, we can all learn how to perform with an accent.

We participated in numerous workshop exercises which assisted in us developing our American, Cockney and Liverpudlian accents as well as many more.

By the end of the session the Turnpikers were talking in all manner of accents. We all love to perform and adding an accent is another obstacle we sometimes need to do to make sure the character we are playing comes alive.

Thursday 21st March 2013

Many of the Turnpikers had never worked with masks and so tonight's workshop was interesting to say the least!

Colette Kerwin gave us a perfect introduction on how affective and effective a mask can be in a performance. Some of the Turnpikers were a little apprehensive about putting a mask on at first, however, by the end of it they wouldn''t take them off!

Masks are not something we consider to introduce to a performance but can definitely help bring the wow factor to a production.

Thursday 14th March 2013

A show song dance workshop tonight really helped unleash our inner divas and Kate Hitchmough led the workshop brilliantly.

Turnpikers are always a little reluctant to have a sing a long and dance but they are always encouraged to do so in the annual pantomime. Kate is always on hand to help us when it is panto season and so she continued to encourage and develop our skills in readiness for Christmas.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and left wanting more.


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